C3 Church

We believe that a fully surrendered Church is a C3 Church.  We use C3 to remind us of our journey to grow closer to Jesus Christ and place Him at the center of our lives.  Learn more about the C3 Church here.

Sermon Talk

You are invited to enter into our Sunday morning service and listen to the sermon talk.  Visit Sermon Talk

Pastor Talk

Visit the Pastor Talk blog to get an idea of how a relationship with God intersects real life.  Sometimes the Talk is funny.  Sometimes it is serious.  But it is always written with the goal of moving the reader closer to God. Read Pastor Talk here.

C3 Fit

C3 Fit is a program designed to help our congregation surrender their physical health to God.  Our goal is to give practical guidance on how to treat our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit.  Learn more about C3 Fit Here.

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