Financial Peace

Every year the church offers at least one Financial Peace University course. This popular course, taught by best-selling author Dave Ramsey, will teach you how to get out of debt and start building wealth in the church have become debt free thanks to “graduating” from the course.

Please feel free to contact the church at 241-0753 for more information.

Here are a couple of testimonials from members of the congregation that have graduated from Financial Peace University:

Financial Peace class was a gift from God. We don’t know the future but God does. He knew that the economy was going to suffer in the next few years and knew we needed to be out of debt.

Before Financial Peace University we thought we were doing okay by paying a little extra each month on our bills. But that would have taken years if we didn’t rack up any more bills in the meantime. Financial Peace showed us not only how to get out of debt fast but also how to stay out of debt by changing the way we live and the way we spend money. Within a year and a half we were able to get rid of $37,000 worth of debt.

We also learned about how to give more to God and to be able to help others when God brings them across our paths.

This is what it means to be a true steward of God’s money, using it for His glory, not wasting it on our own folly.

-Mark and April Thomas

I truly wish that I would have had the opportunity to take this class when I was going to college or at least right before Kelly and I got married. Sure would have saved me a lot of stress and even more headaches. I always had the attitude (though I did not realize it until after I took FPU) that because I made the money, I could spend the money any way I saw fit. I also had to learn that all the money I made was God’s money and not mine. That it is our duty to be good stewards with His money. Boy, was I lacking in that department for the first 34 years of my life.

Sixteen months after taking FPU, Kelly and I are debt free! (with the exception of the house). We live on a budget and have learned to live within our means and have been able to save some money as well. In fact, we will be done with step three and moving on to step four in the new few months. (Want to know what the steps are? Take the class!)

FPU has been a blessing to my life and I praise God and the MonroeNazareneChurch for making it available to me. Not only is my financial life heading in the right direction but my marriage and my spiritual life have improved greatly, and I owe it all to FPU!

-David Morgan


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